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7/30/13 by Hikari

[9:19:05 PM] HikariTM: elieleileie huehuheuhue
[9:19:14 PM] SomeGuyInSomePlace: huehuehuehue hurhurhuhrhur
[9:19:24 PM] HikariTM: erererererere kkiikikikikikikikiki
[9:19:45 PM] SomeGuyInSomePlace: And that's how dubstep is made.

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Ah, now I don't have to distinguish your NG name from skype. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!



I'm a heterosexual male. but If I were gay I wouldn't date Skrillex but, I would briefly consider it.

No excuse for posting opinion too?

8/11/13 Hikari responds:

Yes, it was not productive to the thread. Posts like that can derail and destroy a serious thread.

Sorry for posting rude stuff on your thread.

However it's true that I don't really have time to make stuff. Not in this life, probably later.

8/10/13 Hikari responds:

I suppose but thats no excuse to snap about it when the thread is about techniques.


8/3/13 Hikari responds:

You are 100% correct.